ST Engineering FY2016

Profit before tax (PBT) dropped 6% to $590.6m from $630.3m, and net profit attributable to shareholders (Net profit) was 8% lower at $484.5m from $529.0m in the prior year.

Aerospace sector revenue increases by 19% from 2096 in 2015 FY to 2493 in 2016 FY. Profit before tax (PBT) increases by 3%. Main geographical improvement is in Europe which sees a rise of revenue by 226%.

Electronics sector revenue increases by 10% from 1743 in 2015 FY to 1910 in 2016 FY. Profit before tax (PBT) increases by 9%. 

Land Systems revenue decreases by 6% from 1401 in 2015 FY to 1312 in 2016 FY. Profit before tax decreases by 66% from 65 in 2015 to 22.2 in 2016 FY. 

Marine sees a decrease by 12% from 958 in FY 2015 to 841 in FY 2016. PBT decreases by 15% from 88.3 in FY 2015 to 75.1 in FY 2016. Free Cash Flow is still positive.

Overall, the business is stable and a consistent strong yield stock. On 17th Feb, it shot up by 6.8%.

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