Almost End of Semi-Self Employment Journey 06/08/19

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I don’t want to sound like Aunt Agony but this is another rant of my employee life. Before lunch, my employer told me that if there is no new deal by end of the month, he cannot keep me around for any longer. By 6 pm, my employer told me that I need to give Read More

Do you remember your dream?

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Today I traveled to KL for a short business trip and caught up with one of my ex-colleague, he used to be my boss in 2011. He is currently working in KL and this year he is 39 years old. His family is based in SG while he spends Monday till Friday in KL. He Read More

Kill the Commute

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I am enjoying the commute by MRT (train) as it gives me more time to read books and learn new things. However, there are many pain commuting brings. I used to work at Loyang Offshore Supply Base and I drove to work. The commute via car took me an hour from door to door each Read More

Interview Regularly

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During our parents’ time, there used to be an era of job for life and there was loyalty between employer and employee. That era was the past. The average tenure for a job now is around 4 years and if you are between eighteen and thirty six, that number drops to below 3 years. Employment Read More

Road Ahead

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For the last few weeks since I was retrenched on 26th November, I was busy spending time in the library studying the various CMFAS papers M8A, M9, M9A and HI. I passed M9 and HI insurances today in one shot! I saw two familiar faces in the library. I met them when I was jobless Read More

Wave of Retrenchment

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Life is tough as an employee in this age of disruption. I am currently working in an industry which is disrupted by shale gas. I remember I was made redundant 2017 Christmas eve. It took me close to four months before I found a job. Yesterday, there was an urgent meeting in the afternoon to Read More

Change is the only constant

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There are many things in life which we cannot see them coming. When we thought we have figured everything out, life has its way to throw us a spanner, spoiling our plans. All around we see perpetual changes in technology, in communications, in transportation, in economics, in government and in politics. Change is rampant in Read More

Life as an Employee

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I think life as an employee has some control over your future by controlling the internal factors but you have no say over the external factors. Early this year in May when I joined the company, I assisted to close a long term framework agreement for 5 years work. Now that this project is been Read More

Review on “What do I really want in my career & life?”

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This is an unbiased review after attending the workshop “What do I really want in my career and life” and I am not paid for writing this article. This post is meant for me to document what I have learnt and what are the AHA moments. How I chanced upon this workshop is through a Read More