How Should A Financial Adviser Manage His Own Money?

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In respond to Kyith’s article “How should freelancers manage their money?”, you can read it here, using content from his article, I would like to document how I am going to manage my own money. There are many different type of freelancer or gig economy which does not have a basic salary and there is Read More

Inner Game of Financial Adviser

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A month has passed since I started this business, it has been a steep learning curve and I will not say that it is a smooth sailing journey. I am counting my blessing along the way, I have successfully sold insurance products to a few warm and cold leads in the first month. It is Read More

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

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Insurance is an important component of wealth management. It involves using a small sum of money to pass your risk to the insurance companies. However, a lot people tend to emphasize on investment and savings, ignoring the importance of insurance. If there is insufficient insurance coverage, an unfortunate event can wipe out your net worth, Read More

Financial Planning for Different Life Stages

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Financial planning changes for different life’s milestones as goals and priorities will evolve as we age. Hence, it is important to regularly review your financial plans and take actions to adjust accordingly. Aged 20 to 30 You have just started working and enjoy the taste of freedom of having your first credit card. It is Read More