JC Project Freedom Insurance Coverage

Insurance Planning

October 29, 2020 JCprojectfreedom 1

Insurance is a protection against large scale financial loss through a small amount of investment through insurance premium. Basically, it is to put in a […]

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Insurance Coverage

November 22, 2019 JCprojectfreedom 0

Medical cost expenditure is increasing year on year according to Ministry of Health, cost of medical expenses index has increased from 2016 101.0 to 105.6, […]

JC Project Freedom CareShield Life

CareShield Life

September 19, 2019 JCprojectfreedom 1

In the previous article (read here), we have mentioned about ElderShield which are provided for 40 years old and above to protect them from severe […]

JC Project Freedom 4 things you need to know about ElderShield


September 16, 2019 JCprojectfreedom 1

Eldershield is a severe disability insurance that provides basic long term care and basic financial protection. It provides payout up to maximum 72 months. CPF […]