Invest with SRS

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In the previous article (you can read it here), we look at using Central Provident Fund and Supplementary Retirement Scheme to reduce taxes. Supplementary Retirement Scheme (hereby known as SRS) is a tax deferment scheme which serve as a retirement tool while reduce tax expenses. SRS is an effective tax reduction tool for mid to Read More

Financial Gym 28 Sep 19

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I attended the Financial Gym hosted by Cashflow Mastery Program on the 28th September 2019. This article came in late as I was busy last week, I attended New Advisers Training at my present Independent Financial Advisory firm. Why is this program called Financial Gym? It is a monthly mastermind group gathering where graduates from Read More

Comparison of Network Marketing Companies’ Financial Results

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Network Marketing companies are different from traditional business because they bypass the intermediate companies for distribution and marketing and sell the goods or products directly to consumers. Through referral or word of mouth, the consumers will sell to others and make a commission out of this. The consumers can recruit others to form a network Read More

Time to Hold Cash?

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SHILLER PE RATIO Shiller PE ratio is defined as average inflation-adjusted earnings from previous 10 years known as Cyclically Adjusted PE ratio. The above image is Shiller PE Ratio for S&P 500. It can be seen in 1930 when the market crashed which was known as Black Tuesday the Shiller PE ratio was around 30. Read More

Cashflow Mastery Program

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I attended CALM’s flagship investment strategy Cashflow Mastery Program between 27th-28th June 2019. I want to share what I have learnt from the program. Why should we invest? The za chai fan or economy mixed vegetable rice in hawker center has increased the price from S$2.50 (2 choice of vegetables and 1 meat) to S$3. Read More

Why people lose money in stock market

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We often hear people invest in stock market and suffer a huge loss. It seems like many investors can never make money in the stock market and it was said 90% of investors made huge loss. What are the reasons which cause investors to lose money? Insider Trading Sometimes you receive phone calls or emails Read More

Dollar Cost Averaging vs Lump Sum Investment

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As an investor with a lump sum money to put to work in the market, I have a fear that the market will dive immediately and mistime the market. The decision of lump sum vs periodic investment decision is always a tough call to make. With the long bull run, the market’s valuation is becoming Read More

2018 Review

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What a year! It is so different from 2017 when everyone is trying to mention on their blogs they have returns of more than 20% beating the indexes. Fast forward to this year, most are complaining about the volatility. Looking back at my records, at the start of this year, I was holding on to Read More

Things I learnt from Christopher Ng’s Retirement Masterclass Preview

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I attended Christopher Ng’s Retirement Masterclass Preview on 1st November 2018. He achieved Financial Independence at age 39 and stop his career in IT. I brought my book to meet the author himself and he signed on the front page. I hope he will become very famous one day and my book will appreciate in Read More