Meeting with Kyith Ng

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I met up with Kyith Ng – owner of Investment Moats, He is generous in two ways, I was one of the winner of the illustrated book – Principle of Economics by Gregory Mankiw and he spent time to provide wealth coaching on New Year’s Eve. This makes end of 2019 very meaningful. I drafted Read More

Financial Planning for Millennial

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Researchers use the early 1980 as starting birth years to early 2000s as ending birth years to define as millennial. The millennial is facing the fourth industrial revolution where we need to embrace artificial intelligence, IoT, fusion of technologies, robotics and 3D printing. A recent research by OCBC bank states that in Singapore 42% of Read More

How Should A Financial Adviser Manage His Own Money?

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In respond to Kyith’s article “How should freelancers manage their money?”, you can read it here, using content from his article, I would like to document how I am going to manage my own money. There are many different type of freelancer or gig economy which does not have a basic salary and there is Read More

July 2019 Expenses

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Meal – $570.44Medical – $940.45Education – $401.55Grocery – $380.06Household – $39.00Clothes – $ 296.10Dinning – $169.15Tax – $327.01Transport – $141.48Personal Care – $220.40Entertainment – $116.86Telecommunication – $810.64Child Expenses – $549.70Utilities – $296.50Maid – $152.00Parents Allowance – $800.00Insurance – $746.07Healthcare – NILShopping – NILTravel – NILLuxury – NIL This month total is S$6597.41 with two one-off Read More

Money at 35 years old

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Once we reach 35 years old, we will have accumulated more than a decade of working experience. We will be wearing multiple hats, trying to juggle between our married life, children, paying mortgage and taking care of ageing parents. Let us look at what we should do with our money at 35 years old. Accumulate Read More

Retirement Money Draw Down

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Retirees will face different types of risk during retirement when they are drawing down their retirement fund. 1. Longevity Risk – Risk of running out of money 2. Inflation Risk – Risk of decreasing purchasing power3. Market Risk – Risk of no access to money during market downturn4. Withdrawal Risk – Risk of overspending With Read More

Financial Planning for Different Life Stages

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Financial planning changes for different life’s milestones as goals and priorities will evolve as we age. Hence, it is important to regularly review your financial plans and take actions to adjust accordingly. Aged 20 to 30 You have just started working and enjoy the taste of freedom of having your first credit card. It is Read More

Half Year 2019 Financial Update

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Dividend Income and Property Management Income update For the 1st Half of 2019, we received SGD 25,342 as Dividend Income as compared to 1st Half of 2018, SGD 43,238 as Dividend Income of which SGD 20,000 is Special Dividend. Less the Special Dividend, the Dividend Income is comparable to last year. However, we saw slight Read More


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Charlie Munger says,” Envy is a really stupid sin because it’s the only one you could never possibly have any fun at. There’s a lot of pain and no fun.” The root of this evil is when we make comparisons in life, investing and everywhere. Brian Halim’s post mentioned “They should never this as the Read More

Semi Self Employment Personal Finance

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When you are employed, you can plan your personal finance which is easier than when you are in self-employment. If you survive till end of the month, you will receive a pay check with your name on it. With the steady cash flow in, you can plan for fixed expenses and allocate the rest for Read More