Business Owner’s Guide to Financial Freedom

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An entrepreneur is someone with a burning desire to work for yourself and create something. There is difference between freedom and flexibility. Entrepreneur has flexibility, it can be the greatest strength, agility and ability to make quick decisions, and cultivate better financial habits. Don’t depend 100 percent on your business for your retirement income. Remember Read More

Life as an Employee

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I think life as an employee has some control over your future by controlling the internal factors but you have no say over the external factors. Early this year in May when I joined the company, I assisted to close a long term framework agreement for 5 years work. Now that this project is been Read More

How to Plan?

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If you are seeking a direction to be successful or wealthy, this post is meant to clarify your thoughts by asking yourself some questions which only you have the answers. This exercise I am recommending is you really need to do it if you want to get real benefits. We will ask ourselves “How do Read More