Sell One HDB and Buy Two Condos

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“Sell one HDB unit (Public Housing in Singapore), Buy Two Condos” is the sales pitch of many property agents and it has raised the concern with the market watchers as there are potential risk in these challenging times. The proposition is to sell your HDB flat and use the proceeds to pay for the down Read More

FOMO in Singapore’s Private Properties

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Prices of private residential properties rose 1.5 percent quarter-on-quarter to hit a five year high. This new high was achieved despite new cooling measures in July 2018 which cause property prices to be subdued for two quarters and inventory of unsold private properties are increasing. In this article, we look into why private properties prices Read More

Things I learn from IQuadrant and Markoandfriends

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I was intrigued by the Facebook ads which show how one can own multiple properties and create passive income from them. This is the key objective when I attend not one but two workshops. The first one is from IQuadrant and the other is with Markoandfriends. Germaine Chow is the lead trainer at IQuadrant. With Read More

What High Speed Rail and my tenant taught me on investment

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With the recent election in Malaysia comes to a closure and newly minted Prime Minister Mahathir confirmed in the press on Monday during an interview that the high speed rail project will be terminated. How will this impact the property prices in Jurong East? I cannot predict the future impact and whether the cross island Read More