Tax Reduction using CPF

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In this article, I am trying to solve 2 issues. Firstly, I want to reduce the taxable income for my wife and the second issue is to boost my mother’s Central Provident Fund (CPF). Firstly, for my wife, I will recommend for her to use cash to top up her Special Account to build up Read More

Retirement Money Draw Down

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Retirees will face different types of risk during retirement when they are drawing down their retirement fund. 1. Longevity Risk – Risk of running out of money 2. Inflation Risk – Risk of decreasing purchasing power3. Market Risk – Risk of no access to money during market downturn4. Withdrawal Risk – Risk of overspending With Read More

Things I learnt from Christopher Ng’s Retirement Masterclass Preview

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I attended Christopher Ng’s Retirement Masterclass Preview on 1st November 2018. He achieved Financial Independence at age 39 and stop his career in IT. I brought my book to meet the author himself and he signed on the front page. I hope he will become very famous one day and my book will appreciate in Read More