Change is the only constant

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There are many things in life which we cannot see them coming. When we thought we have figured everything out, life has its way to throw us a spanner, spoiling our plans. All around we see perpetual changes in technology, in communications, in transportation, in economics, in government and in politics. Change is rampant in Read More

Review on “What do I really want in my career & life?”

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This is an unbiased review after attending the workshop “What do I really want in my career and life” and I am not paid for writing this article. This post is meant for me to document what I have learnt and what are the AHA moments. How I chanced upon this workshop is through a Read More

Searching for Meaning in Life

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He who has a WHY to live for can bear almost any HOW. Life is not a quest for pleasure or a quest for meaning. The greatest quest is to find meaning in life. The possible sources for meaning: in work (doing something significant), in love (caring for others) and in courage during challenging times. Read More

Should you quit your job to realize your dream?

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I chanced upon this video on Facebook by Rob Dial’s “Why you should quit your job!”. It set me thinking whether quitting your job to pursue your dream is a worthwhile cause. Is pursuing financial freedom the only goal you should have? Here is the transcript of Rob Dial’s video. In case you did not Read More

What High Speed Rail and my tenant taught me on investment

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With the recent election in Malaysia comes to a closure and newly minted Prime Minister Mahathir confirmed in the press on Monday during an interview that the high speed rail project will be terminated. How will this impact the property prices in Jurong East? I cannot predict the future impact and whether the cross island Read More