Semi Self Employment update 29/06/2019

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I realized the cold hard truth of my journey of semi self-employment is my boss treats me not as a partner but just as an employee. At 4 am, I am blogging this to help myself remember this painful experience. Day in day out, he is grilling me for the next project which is psychologically Read More

Semi-Self Employment Route 20/04/2019

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Viral Attack I realise that I have been sick quite often this year since working for myself. I believe it is due to the higher stress level working for yourself than for others. I had being busy on a project from January till end of March. On 9th April, I received another PO for a Read More

Semi Self Employment Personal Finance

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When you are employed, you can plan your personal finance which is easier than when you are in self-employment. If you survive till end of the month, you will receive a pay check with your name on it. With the steady cash flow in, you can plan for fixed expenses and allocate the rest for Read More

Semi Self-employment 19th January update

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There is no perfect choice. The biggest failure you can have in life is not trying. This is when I take the route to try. This week is a very hectic week, my wife had traveled to Bengaluru, India since Sunday. I need to take care of the child while juggling with challenges from work. Read More

Semi Self-Employment

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I started my role as a ship broker on 2nd January 2019. There is a base salary of SGD 2,500/month. Less CPF, I will be drawing SGD 1997/month. This is my first pay when I was 25 years old in 2007. The base salary is just for survival and I will rely mainly on commission Read More