Meeting with Kyith Ng

2 weeks ago JCprojectfreedom 2
I met up with Kyith Ng – owner of Investment Moats, He is generous in two ways, I was one of the winner of the illustrated book – Principle of Economics by Gregory Mankiw and he spent time to provide wealth coaching on New Year’s Eve. This makes end of 2019 very meaningful. I drafted Read More

Quit Like a Millionaire

6 months ago JCprojectfreedom 0
I finish reading this book Quit Like A Millionaire by Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung. This article is to summarize some of the key learning from the book. Career Choice Following your passion is a bad way to pick a career. Instead, you can pick a career based on its Pay-over-Tuition (POT) score. The formula Read More

Save to Become Rich Millennial

6 months ago JCprojectfreedom 0
Many millennial lack the financial planning know-how and indulge in self-gratification, funding their hobbies instead of saving for retirement. Young working adults are spending on overseas travel, latest gadgets, fashion and luxurious accessories. Many are facing an uncontrollable debt at an earlier age. Instead of shoring up savings, some millennial are drawing down from their Read More