Take profit 03032016

Due to recent letter from my big boss to further reduce headcount, I am terrified. I am fully invested and do not have much cash in the bank.

Today, I sold 29,000 of ThaiBev at 0.76, 5000 SingPost 1.53 and 1000 Singtel 3.8. I took back about 33k cash. This should tide me through for a year. Very unfortunate but I need to see my stocks soar and I need to let go some of the shares.

Till date, thank God I still manage to keep my job and reflecting on my portfolio. Thaibev went up to S$1 before settle back at S$0.8+. 

It was unfortunate to sell ThaiBev.

Lesson learnt, I wish that I never ever need to sell a stock.

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