Three Little Pigs

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Recently, I am showing my children the youtube video of three little pigs and like all parables, this story is a great way to teach everyone about personal finances.

The story of the Three Little Pigs, it tells the story of 3 pig brothers who left their mother and went out to stay on their own.

  1. The youngest pig was called the lazy pig, he was sleeping every day. He felt that a house is just a house, he wanted to have more time to sleep so he spent only an hour a day building his house. He was not bothered with it and just use straws to build his house.
  2. The second pig was partying every day, he was having the best time of his life after staying with his mother for so long. He spent only 2 hours a day building his house with wood. He believes that it is good enough to give him a roof over his head.
  3. The third pig being the eldest was called the hardworking pig. He made plans, he worked hard all day building his house with bricks and mortar. He wanted to build a steadfast house.

Along came the big bad wolf, we all know the story that the straw and wood houses fell. The first two pigs ran to the third pig’s house. The house of bricks did not fall down.

Each individual house is a metaphorical representation of the financial sensibility of the pig that build it. It teaches that we need to be diligent in building our house of finances. If we are lazy and spend all the time and money to enjoy our lives, our house of finances will be shakey. We need to be hardworking, have a financial plan, and work towards it to build up a stable and firm house of finances.

Now enjoy this video.

Three Little Pigs

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