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Updated on 20th February 2021

Back home

I am back to the little red dot Singapore after serving quarantine at a hotel. That is another SGD 2k for the hotel stay and the swab test will cost SGD 125. The swab test is conducted on the 13th day of the quarantine. If the result is negative and you will be released the next day. This marks the end of my Malaysia adventure, away from the family for 5 months. My teammate in Malaysia will probe whether I will be returning to the KL office.

Take a look at the below video of being a single mother in Japan. She was abused by her boyfriend and was conditioned in a situation that this was the life she deserved. In our working lives, we are conditioned by our employers as well. We are expected to reply to WhatsApp messages outside working hours, we are expected to reply and send emails after working hours, we are expected to work on public holidays and we are expected to work beyond our job description. Sometimes, do you think we are been conditioned to work for people?

What Monopoly teaches you?

Do you remember the game of Monopoly?

I remember that I always got excited to go past GO and I can collect $200. Does this sound familiar to you? See the below image. Every end of the month, I will be excited to collect my salary as it is cash into the bank. The way to win the Monopoly game is to go around the board, acquiring assets such as railways, utilities, and properties. When other players step onto them, they will pay you rental income or pay for their utility bills.

Sometimes, we need to take some risk, taking a chance on opportunities. Recently, there was the short squeeze on GME, AMC and BB. Eventually, this will lead to the short squeeze on AU/Silver. It is a bet with high conviction to win because hedge funds were greedy. We need to remind ourselves that we should not get greedy as well. I did not take any bet on these companies.

In our adult lives, we need to spend most of our time going around acquiring assets that help to compound our wealth. Remember my earlier post on Marko and Friends, I know one of the successful students Joo Hong in person. We used to be colleagues during my short stint at Jurong Shipyard. He managed to acquire 17 properties, started his own restaurant, got out of the rat race, and haunt my YouTube ads. I don’t care whether Marko and Friends or Sexy Germaine are legit but it is important to buy assets that give cashflow or they grow your wealth.

Next Endeavour

Recently, I had my first virtual interview and the hiring manager thought that I was overqualified for the role and whether the work will keep me challenged in the long run. This sounds nice but they are concern whether I will stay for long. I am thinking of what should I do next. My direct manager will ask me to return to Malaysia within the next 2 months because the management expects everyone to work in Malaysia. I will turn him down and things may get nasty if I don’t return back to Malaysia. How nasty? I will lose my job.

Some of us will prefer to start our own business while others prefer to work for others. Both paths are equally respectable. When you work for yourself, you have control over your time and who you want to work with. However, you need to make ends meet at the end of every month to bring back the dough. In a separate post, we should talk about how to increase our income through a side hustle.

I am not carve out to be an entrepreneur. I have been working for someone most of my life, 2021 marks 14 years of my working life. I started working in May 2007. I have attempted several small part time businesses but I do not have the perseverance to see it through.

My relationship with Wealth

Wealth is accumulating assets that earn while you sleep. Wealth buys your freedom. I want wealth because it buys freedom, so that I can spend time with the people I want, where I want and how I want it to be.

What sort of skills do I have?

In order to plan for the next endeavour, I need to take stock of my skills set which will be able to add value to others.

  • Project Management skills
  • Business Development skills
  • Sales and Marketing skills
  • Contract Management skills

I am kind of a generalist but not skilled in one particular area. I am thinking of looking for a project engineer role in Singapore.

Wait, hold on, in previous post, I was posting on borderline financial freedom and why am I thinking of working for someone else? I think God created us to work during our time on this world, to add value to others, work itself is a way to glorify him. I had a thought last week if I was one of the lucky ones who bought GME and made a killing, what would I be doing? If money is not a concern anymore, will I still work? I will think so. I can continue to find meaning and fulfillment through work, working on things that challenge and intrigue me. With income, I can continue to provide for the family. I can receive CPF contribution from the employers. I can contribute money to my CPF to build up my annuity plan.

I met up with my old friend who owns 2 businesses and he would prefer to work for others so that he does not need to suffer from so many frustrations. He needs to plan for his business, manage his employees, fend off competition, pay rent, utilities, and most important will be to pay his staff. He will prefer to trade place with me to work for someone.

It is time to open a new window tab to look at Glassdoor and Linkedin. My mother’s advice is to work hard and add value to my employer so that my manager will allow me to work remotely from home. Another day another penny. Anyway, I am still enjoying my work.

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