Unwanted Children – UAA and AMD

Every month end I will update my spreadsheet on status of our investment portfolio and cash equivalent. There are a lot of higher high for my core portfolio. I thought JC Option Fund can outperform as well but I have stepped onto not one but two time bombs.

JC Options Fund AMD invest.JPG

This will wiped out USD 500 plus of the profit as I sell put 5 contracts at 12.
JC Options Fund UAA invest
Did you see the little gap down red cross at USD 14.13? UAA was downgraded and earnings expectation is lower than estimate. This one is going to wipe out USD 2k profit. This happens when you don’t follow the rules, greed gets the better of you. My Sketchers got a 30% increase in share price but gain was capped by 3 stupid sell call options.

I am starting to redeploy in Hong Kong shares.

I reached out to Thomas of 15 Hours Work Week and he shared with me on his journey from being an employee to self employed. I am simply unhappy @ work. I need to map out a plan to become self employed.


I closed UAA put option and locked in USD 4,100 of losses. I did not wish to roll this because the fundamental of the stock has deteriorated. The branding is diluted. I learnt an important lesson in options, you need to spend time to study the underlying derivative. If you ask me whether I have conduct fundamental analysis on UAA in the first place? No.

Where is my trade diary? I need to start recording my trades.

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