Updates on JC Fund 17112019

Recently, I am trying to stretch myself in a few directions and it has not been easy, coupled with a few weeks of downtime due to coughing and travel to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur on a back to back trip.


I sold off Synchrony Financial (SYF:NYSE) from the portfolio, my rationale is credit usage is increasing, payment delinquency is rising, the risk will be increasing over the coming few months.

I need to do another post on JD.com recent quarter results. At the first look, I think it is a very decent quarter.

I will continue to sell equities and rebalance the portfolio in December. Time to do some work on my own portfolio, I have not been working on it for the last year.


Sell put option on USNA ( sell 1 USNA @ 55 Put) expired on 15/11/2019.
I did a sell 20 CPB @ 50.5 Call @ 0.50 which will expire on 20/12/2019. My intrinsic value for CPB is at 55 but I will be happy to let go earlier to recycle the funds since I have pocket options on CPB for USD 3,000 previously.

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