Wealth Coaching 31st December 2017

I saw my friend post in a closed group for eCommerce and I privately messaged him. I asked how has he been and what sort of questions he has for eCommerce. I spent some time trying to answer him on the specifics of drop shipping business in terms of the challenges I experienced previously with my friends.

He shared that now he has two children and he wants to discover different sources of income to supplement his main stream of income. He has started online MLM and Shopify eCommerce store. In addition, instead of watching Korean dramas, he is spending time in front of his laptop thinking how to improve his sales. I applaud him for his attitude. I encourage him not to give up and continue to develop other sources of income. 

We chat using Facebook messenger to discuss about wealth and business.

I felt that I need to help more people to improve their lives, change their mindset, improve their financial literacy, create more businesses and crave their own destiny. This will make my life meaningful as well.  

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